Custom Sled Bags




All our sled bags are custom built to specifically to be built to your sled. Our standard sled bag comes with a top pocket, ax pocket, and inside back pocket.  You can choose Velcro- double flap, or zipper top for your main flap for no extra charge. You can get extra pockets, a double zipper/Velcro flap top, or go with our ultra light version for extra charges. When ordering please fill out our measurement chart  so we can build it specifically for you sled.


Colors available : Red, Blue, Green, Orange, Black, Jade……( in regular colors)( comment box for color combinations)

Ultra Light: +$100.00, available in black, Blaze Orange, Charcoal, or Moroccan Blue.

Pockets- $5.oo each ( text box to say where.

Ax pocket on which side +$0. L or R

Matching simple 1 opening back bag- $150

Text box for details.
fill out measure meant chart

Measure meant from  in inches:


B-D (if needed)____________


D-E(height of back of the bag)______________

A-F(toe Height)____________________

Width of basket__________________

Embroidery (jpeg upload box and text for size and info for quote)

(extra comment box)


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