Iditarod Sled dogs, Highs Adventure Kennel

The Athletes of Highs Adventure

Sydney and Mr. Collins

Sydney; aka: auntie Sydney, aka: Sydney Sue. Grandmother, great grandmother or even great- great grandmother to a lot of our dogs in our kennel Sydney is our old lady, approximately 18 years old, spends most of her time lounging around the house, still going exploring, or just telling us what to do (if we can figure out what she wants). Even though she definitely will not be running Iditarod she is still a vital member of the team even if its from the couch.

Mr. Collins; aka bull-bulls, big brother bully dog, or bull dog. Mr Collins is another team member that will not be running Iditarod he is one of the most vital members of the team, he is always there for car rides, snuggles and warms you up fast when he throws his 65 pound body on top of you after a long run. Look for him on the streets of anchorage with our Iditatarider this year making sure his friends that run fast and long are doing it right.


Yangtzee; Yangtzee is one of the biggest strongest sled dogs we have ever seen. 70 pounds of pure muscle he is the proud poppa of our Military litter ( you will see their names pop up soon). A leader, and Justin’s first sled dog. Look for him leading Justin to Nome pulling strong and proud all the way. He has finished the Iditarod with Jaimee in 2012 and lead Dee Dee Jonrowe through the streets of Anchorage as a 2 year old in 2011.

Zipper: Zipper has just been retired, a strong a durable dog with multiple Iditarod finishes with Dee Dee Jonrowe, Art Church, and Jaimee. Zipper is a strong encouraging dog that has seen it all. He will still be helping train the team but enjoying the race from the warmth of the fire and watching his friends on the computer tracker.



Here is a list of dogs, and sponsorship opportunities. Sponsor a dog levels are: Nome sponsor- $500, get a High’s Adventure Baseball Jersey with name of the sponsored dog on back, a High’s Adventure Kennel Hat, Embroidered Dog Collar with that Dogs name on it, a signed picture of that dog, and signed dog bootie Facebook and website recognition. Yukon River Sponsor-$350(everything but the jersey). Iditarod Checkpoint Sponsor: -$250 (same but minus the jersey and Hat). McGrath: $100 (same but minus jersey hat and collar). Skwentna: – $25 just the bottie and recognition.