Willow Tuff Bibs


Finally, a bib designed for the needs of hunters, ice fishermen, dog mushers and other outdoor enthusiasts! Our Willow Tuff Bibs are built with the same extra tough, reinforced ripstop polyester that our parkas are made of, and are both wind and waterproof. Lined with a moderate synthetic quilted insulation that will keep you warm down to -20 degrees Fahrenheit, yet is still comfortable at 30 degrees Farenheit, these bibs are comfortable and easy to work in.

The crossed suspenders keep the bibs in place without putting uncomfortable pressure on your shoulders. A quick unzip of the back flap allows you to go to the bathroom without removing the bibs, and the side straps give you plenty of room to adjust the bibs to size or to wear them as pants without the straps.

Designed and tested by dog mushers and ice fishermen, these bibs are the perfect addition to your outdoor wardrobe!

Main Colors:
Knee/Cuff Colors: