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Welcome to Highs Adventure Kennel! We are Justin and Jaimee High. To put it mildly the last year and a half we have had some big ups and downs. In December of 2015 we lost our house and shop to a house fire, along with most of our mushing gear, this put Jaimee’s second try at running Iditarod on hold. That home was not insured, and after raising funds through crowed sharing, family and friends donating we were able to start rebuilding in the spring of 2016. While rebuilding in the summer of 2016 a forest fire was ignited 7 miles to the north of our kennel, that fire ripped through the heart of the sled dog kennels in willow and also claimed our home just after completing the roof. We lost everything but our vehicles and dogs in what has been titled the Sockeye Fire. Luckily for us we had insurance and we were able to rebuild very quickly. We moved into our new home in October 2015 just in time to welcome Isidore into our lives in January 2016. Isidore was a welcome sign of renewal and rebirth and we are now looking forward to racing and expanding our kennel. It seems like there is never a dull moment around here but are glad you stopped by. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call. We would love to talk to you.

Justin and Jaimee High


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Thank you to Gloria and Rhode Lewellyn for sponsoring Stormin-Normin! If you would like to see what you get for helping sponsor a dog visit www.highsadventure.com/product-category/dog-sponsor/ ...

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Thank you to Brenda Stennett for sponsoring Hap, Dickory, and Stormin-Normin!
If you are interested in sponsoring a dog visit www.highsadventure.com/product-category/dog-sponsor/

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